- Why do you think you know the meaning of life?

 The first thing i would like to answer to this question is the following – don’t believe anything indicated, listen to and check, try and make sure by yourself, only in this case you will be able to see for sure where is the truth and where is the lie. Yet, let’s try to answer preliminarily this question. Apart from the fact that there are a lot of evidences and testimonies of people who achieved the level of disclosure and understanding of the meaning of life, lived and are living now, there are also a lot of testimonies of people who were in so-called “clinical death”, and who felt something about what they are telling. That is to say, for a start, you will see the rest while moving.


  - Why doesn’t the Creator provide this information openly? Why do we have to find it?

  It is rather a profound question that the science of Kabbalah answers in detail. Let’s try to answer it very briefly. If the Creator, Light, was visible to everyone, people would have no freedom of choic. Instead, everyone would move like robots in the same direction, would not be free in their actions, and there would be no freedom of their will. Freedom of will is the main thing that distinguishes man from other creatures. Freedom of will can give man the opportunity to become like the Creator in some aspects.
  In this connection, i can give the following rough example: Imagine a family with rich parents where children are given all the prizes of life without any efforts; everything is open and available to them and there is no need to make any effort or any decision to look for their way in life. Now imagine an ordinary family with children who, while growing, face difficulties and look for and find success and satisfaction by THEMSELVES. So what do you think? Will the children from the first family and children from the second family will be the same in their qualities? Would they feel the same feeling; that they deserved the progress?