Depression with no reason - groundless depression?
How to get out of depression


    The new century brings us more and more disappointments and depressions instead of total happiness in the technological paradise. It is not a secret that people who live in socially safe countries suffer from depressions more often than those who live in less safe ones. The psychologists try to understand the reasons for that, but they can hardly explain it. However, few people know the real reasons for the chronical depressions which are specifically groundless, when people do not find any sense and joy in those things which sound quite satisfactory for the most of ordinary people in their cities and countries.

    Actually people suffering from the depression with no reason are not ordinary people, the absolute majority of them is those who reached the certain level of development under their psychical and mental qualities. People of that kind are not able to be satisfied with usual material life components, achieving and meeting the requirements of majority do not bring them pleasure and satisfaction. They feel like wishing something more, real, they feel unsearchable sadness because they are not able to take delight in usual material things and achievements. Such mental state can be often very difficult, in many cases it can lead to suicide.

    However, this mental state does not arise for any special reason. The matter is that this very difficult mental state makes a person to find the ways out, the pressure can be very strong, and the person who finds the way out, gets relief and satisfaction whose power cannot be compared with that of negative state which makes him to find this way out. This person gets opportunity to change to the highest mental state for whose sake lots of generations spent their lives. This is a chance for not simple filling his inner unconscious state, which seeks the way out of a cage of material dependence, but to comprehend the reason and sense of living, eternal, endless macrocosm and absolute delight.

    The practice proves that if depression is caused by aching emptiness mentioned above, this kind of depression disappears when learning Kabbalah, as the person finds what his inner unconscious state is looking for. He does not just find, but fills his wish to the full volume, all this happens against the backdrop of understanding reasons and consequences which were not revealed before, understanding microcosm creation and rising by stages, leading to perfect state, understanding and enjoying himself and others. Finally, not only the person himself wins, but the society connected with him.

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