How to get rid of the fear of death?
By understanding the meaning of life!


   Have you ever thought about how many people in the world are under pressure from the fear death?
Maybe you think that you are affected by such fear more than people around you?
Everyone around you seem so calm and confident, as if they dont care about such important issues as life and death; moreover, as if they dont care what awaits them beyond the last line of life.
Often it seems that the greatest fear people have is loosing their jobs, or that their entire bank savings would go down the drain because their bank might be destroyed by a fire, or because of something else happened which might seem unimportant to you.
Why is this happening? Maybe they have already overcome all these ridiculous fears such as the fear of death and now just live quietly and confidently without pondering too much over such matters, and you, on the other hand, like small kids are afraid of who know what?

   The answer might surprise us. In a certain sense those who do not think about life and death or other similarly serious subjects are mostly like children themselves. They dont want to look ahead and evaluate their life in terms of what really they should value and to be excited about.
And you, on the contrary, have already passed this evaluation stage in your life. You think about life and death and probably about other issues really important for any person.

   It may seem that your pondering about those matters of life and death hasn't make your life any better, and brings only worries and concerns to you. But in fact, these worries and concerns about fundamental issues of living and dying bring you closer to some very interesting discoveries which would make you calmer, more confident and happier than all those people around you who dont go that deep and yet at first sight look peaceful and happy.

   What is the solution? Surprisingly, those who asked just one question, which is essentially the most important one in peoples life, stopped being afraid of death. This question is What is the meaning of life? Well, youd say then, who knows an answer to this really complex question after all? And besides - what is the connection between me fearing death and me knowing meaning of life? It turns out that the connection is so tight, and the answer to the question about the meaning of life is so revolutionary that all doubts, all worries and all fears disappear. And most importantly, at the same time something totally stunning opens, something real indeed, something breathing life and bringing the feeling of true happiness.

   The thing is that the time has come to open all the secrets; and sages who kept the answers to these and other questions in secret, those sages now revealed the truth about the meaning of life, mystery of death, whether death exists or not. They explained to us how can we truly realize our potential and reach true happiness that can be shared with those around us as well. Today the ancient wisdom that had been kept in secret and passed down by word of mouth only to some select individuals, is open to all and completely accessible to everyone without restrictions and costs, over the Internet. The details are on page Answer.