Life after life, life after death or life WITHOUT death it is your choice


  Is there life after death? It is for a reason that this question arises and draws great curiosity. We wonder what exactly is happening to us after we pass away from this material world. Some of us are just afraid of dying and disappearing, some others feel that indeed something exists over there, and finally there are people who are certain about a possibility of life after death but would like to find out more. However, there are people who are already living in both our usual material world and the world beyond it.

  When an American researcher Raymond Moody published his popular book called Life after Life, it sent shock waves throughout whole country. In this book Moody analyzed many instances of the phenomena known as NDE (near death experience). Almost everybody who experienced NDE described nearly the same picture moving through a tunnel, sensation of lightness, scrolling the film of ones life and being able to re-evaluate it all, coming closer to the light that is all-encompassing and wrapping you all with love. Moody found these and some other experiences of NDE basically the same among most people he interviewed.

  Nowdays the question of life and death is especially relevant. How come? Apart from general curiosity, people are beginning to lose interest in usual pleasures of our material life, and many of them are coming to conclusion that the material life can give them nothing really exciting anymore. It doesnt matter whether they have experienced every single pleasure of the world, or not. The point is their inner being demands something completely different, expects some fulfillment that comes from entirely different paradigm. Their state of inner being needs to understand something absolutely unknown, new and at the same time superior to what they have experienced in life so far, they feel the need to understand something more important; they search for the meaning of life; they think about how pointless are the continuously repeating actions taken by them between birth and death. What makes us search for answers to these and other questions? Wise people say that this generation have many individuals, especially those with highly developed sense of their inner life, who have so called point in heart, or, put it another way soul, searching for food which is to be found only beyond the material world.

  Other than elevating above the limits of life and death, people with developed souls attaining happiness and infinity, as well as eternity and beauty of life creation plan. Wise people say this state of being can not be described by ordinary words, it can only be experienced from within. What does a man who reaches supreme (spiritual) world in the moment of his or her physical death actually feel? The moment of physical death is perceived by that person as a mere manicure.

  You obviously wondering who are these wise men telling all this and where can we get more information about what theyre telling us? This has nothing to do with mysticism, nor does with anything that have be believed or taken for granted. This is a scientific practice based on proven methodology that has been hidden from the majority of people for millenniums, and was revealed only in the beginning of our century. All this is the Wisdom of Kabbalah the science about the meaning of life and the good even pleasant path to transcending death during our life span. Details in the section Answer.