Love your neighbor as yourself


   How often do we hear the phrase Love thy neighbor as thyself" (Love your neighbor as yourself)? Someone is trying to understand its meaning not only from the viewpoint of a beautiful sound, but also to grasp, to feel its inner meaning, and someone even would like to implement it, that is, really to love ones neighbor. But in practice this is not that easy.
Let's start with the fact that in today's world the word love is almost always used with the implication of consumption I love fish, I love to ski, I love a woman / man. What do all these statements mean? Only one thing I get jollies out of fish, ski holiday, that person. In short - we have, consume, use things that give us joy one way or another. Lost meaning of the word love is not getting positive emotions but the returning of them - the desire to please the object of your love.

   So, to love one's neighbor as oneself means a desire to please one's neighbor i.e. to get pleasure from the fact that one's neighbor is pleased. Of course all this is quite easy to do if the object of our love is our child or our beloved one here work natural biological laws which do not require any particular effort. However this is not one's neighbor, here we are acting as the interested persons and not out of altruism.

   After thinking and trying really to love relatively stranger however an acquaintance we have come to conclusion that it was practically impossible. Of course we can focus, turn on emotional music and try to feel positive emotions towards anyone, and it may even succeed for a period of time, but after that we go back to indifferent state, to the lack of any desire to interact at such level with not very dear and close person, towards which we do not have natural attractions.

   So what to do? Does this really beautiful phrase exist only for reference in religious circles and does not have the practical implementation? Maybe it exists only for hermits, people not of this world? Most people, trying to find the answer, come exactly to such conclusions. However, in reality this is not so.

   In fact we not only can, but should eventually come to the state of such relationship with people around us, the state of love. It is exactly the state to with we are led by the nature and law of control under the events of our lives, although it is rather difficult to see and understand. Every event of our life teaches us and changes us, from year to year, from life to life. Eventually person develops to such level, when questions of the meaning of life face him to the utmost. And those who are lucky enough to meet the methodology, which allows to open all the closed gates, to answer all the questions, to feel not in thoughts but in real and constant emotions what really means love one's neighbor as oneself, these people may feel truly happy and they will feel and understand that the whole purpose of life is to get true pleasure not from receiving, but from the ocean of love hidden from us till the moment of lifting to a certain level of development. In achieving this growth the obligatory condition is the stage of love for one's neighbor. And all this can be achieved only due to the Higher forces helping us in these stages. All the necessary is a correct method, and not just pretty words. All we need is a practical experience of people who have undergone all this and knowledge, submitted to us.

   The real effective method of recovery exists and today everyone can study it online for free here. It is called the science of Kabbalah.