Unfamiliar causes of migraines. What is the real reasons of migraine?


   Migraines can spoil the life of anyone quite hard. Sometimes a person knows that it is linked with specific causes (stress, weather conditions, etc.) and tries to avoid its causing factors. A list of common factors can be easily found on the Internet. However, quite often migraines occur almost on level ground, and special reasons to justify its existence, as if it were not seen. Yet experienced researchers revealed today one of the very common and influential factors causing such a headache. And, most importantly, recent experience shows that this cause is easy to neutralize.

   So what is the real reasons of migraine? We know that migraine has always been considered as "noble" disease because it often suffered by people with certain sufficient level of intelligence. There is the claim that humanity is in its development must attain a certain level of development, both intellectual and moral qualities of his. However, this mission is primarily responsible for the most part on the people of a certain type. Nature expects them to further changes in its development to a higher level. These changes consist in the knowledge, understanding and perception of information on the correct development. All that man can produce only having done some mental work. But usually, people do not know, does not want and does not intend to think and move in this direction, since it requires some effort and focus on its internal state. If a person does not want to carry out this task, the nature forces him to concentrate on its head by giving him a headache, from which there's nowhere to go. Willy-nilly, one gradually learns to focus on their states through the pain. But this is a path of suffering.

   At the same time, once a person starts a little right to focus on their thoughts and feelings through reading books that develop and allow the right to realize its mission and purpose, such as headaches once retreat. The person understands that this medicine is not for his head, but to his inner unconscious, his soul. Today the study of Kabbalah has become free and available online to everyone, you only move your attention to a site where a friendly form in English talk about self-knowledge and understanding of themselves in the world, as there are real miracles with the head and body and soul.
What is the science of Kabbalah?

   This is the science of the structure of the universe and the meaning of human life, which was opened for study in the true form only since 1995. All that people who have heard about it before - only the distorted rumours and inventions. Free online study is available on the website of the International Academy of Kabbalah.