The Question: What is the meaning of life?


  The question of the meaning of life is one of the most common and at the same time one of the most difficult one to answer by the majority of people.
Very often a person mingles together two very different concepts here Ц his current goals and aspirations with the notion of the meaning of his life.
We are so attached to the material world around us that we completely lock ourselves up into what we would like to achieve at the moment, and this unconsciously becomes our sole purpose at the moment and actually Ц the whole purpose of our life.
At some point this may be the body needs (food, sex, shelter), or creation a family and rising children, or it may be the need purchasing more and more goods, the need having more money, becoming wealthier or to achieving career growth, power, or acquiring some knowledge and making scientific discoveries.

  However, few people notice that the fulfillment of one such need immediately leads to the appearance of another need mentioned above, then the next one, and another one, and so on, until the very end of life.

  It is impossible for a person to live without goals or desires. Some people have to chase and fulfill all their possible desires just to finally realize their ultimate senselessness and fall into melancholy and depression; they do not have anything to be focused on anymore, no stimulating goals which bring them positive emotions. In this case only a real, deep search for meaning in oneТs life can help them. Often these people are outwardly very successful and wealthy, and seen by many as an example of how to build your life.

  Thus, we see that some people are in a constant race for satisfaction of their desires while others have no desires any more at all. But neither the former ones nor the latter ones have any understanding of the meaning of life itself. All they have are either just goals or lack thereof. However, if we pause for a moment and ask ourselves, whether there are people who really understand what is the true meaning of life, what is the purpose of life and death on this planet. There are such people today, though few, who make tremendous efforts to tell others what they had seen, felt, and understood through their own experience, and not out of theoretical assumptions. They shared with others nothing but their own experience.

  Imagine that you had somehow miraculously learned the great secret, which could turn around life of your family, loved ones, and all of the people on Earth and bring them such fantastic abundance, joy, confidence, happiness, of which we could only dream. And nobody but you know this secret. You try to tell it to your family and they look at you with a puzzled expression on their faces. You try to tell it to the people around and they do not believe it and do not even bother checking it out themselves. You explain to them that we should take advantage of this secret for either our own benefit, or for the benefit of entire society, otherwise disasters, crises and wars will exhaust us and cause our mutual destruction.

  What else would you do to draw peopleТs attention to this secret, so that they at least listen and try to use it? The question remains open as long as you do not answer to it.

  I will give you an answer to another question, which probably have arisen. What is this great secret, and how you can use it practically?

  The answer is the following: there is a science fully based on the personal experiences of people that had been hidden for a long time. Today this science, revealing the meaning of life and the secret of prosperity for all people both in physical as well as metaphysical worlds, is opened to everyone. One can and should learn the secret, and the sooner he would do it, the better it will be for him and for the society as a whole. This science is called the ancient word Kabbalah, and today it is taught free of charge for anyone, including through the Internet.