Lost stability...


  When everything is in its place, you feel really comfortable and calm: your income is stable and even growing, you have happy family, and warm relationships with others. Your workplace is enjoyable, and career is going great. Weather is nice, too. Plus, you live in the safe environment not only for adults, but for children as well. All the usual services are provided on time and technical devices have been functioning with no glitches. Finally, you are looking forward to vacation filled with promising trips. How great the feeling where all is good and is getting even better!

  Despite the fact that we strive for such picture, many people notice that such stability, though not ideal, is melting away. And they notice it more often than not these days. Our personal income today depends on economic situation in some faraway country, which can cause an economic crisis or merely anxiety among business people. No one knows generally whether he will have a job tomorrow, or whether his business will be sustainable. And you can no longer experience comfortable predictable weather: today if we are not roasted by hell-like heat with burning forests, we are flooded by incessant precipitation, or "freezing rain" keeps pounding northern countries, and southern countries in the meantime digging out from knee-high snow. If we experience non of the above, we can consider ourselves lucky. And we also have hurricanes, earthquakes, awaken volcanoes and other frequent cataclysms taking more and more victims with them. If 15 years ago any such event was sort of a novelty, now we watch the news only once again to find out where exactly in the world today the disaster has stroke.

  Against this background we can see an aggravation in relationships between people these days, and for quite unknown reasons: number of divorces are growing day by day, people in the streets looking increasingly gloomy and being even aggressive to each other. In many countries military upheavals occur more often, and number of citizens killed by their own governments is dangerously up. Terrorism seems to go out of control, up to the point that ordinary looking individuals grab weapons and kill as many people around them as possible. Such things never happened before. Even in day-to-day life, routines which previously were maintained easily and went smoothly, may suddenly "break" and go astray seemingly for no reasons. So what's going on? Deep down many people feel and even admit it openly that they lost some stability and confidence in the future. We cannot be certain in anything anymore when it comes to our future as if someone maliciously gets in the way of our lives to harm and eventually ruin it completely.

  There are still naive people assuming that sufficiently large capital, preferably in hard currency, gold or real estate will save them from all troubles. But this is very misleading, as an expert will tell you that no single stable currency or precious material nowdays are safe from sudden depreciation down to zero at any moment. And natural disasters, terrorism, and possibility of serious nuclear wars because of the general madness, put reliability of real estate investments in doubt as safeguards of our stability. This reliability as stable as mud-pies tower built by a child. Moreover, according to people who know what they say, the richest strata of society today feels instability much more acutely than others. Strangely enough, but if somebody wealthy loses, letТs say, third out of his 100 million or even one billion dollars, that event causes him much more grief than what goes through an average person in case of serious financial loses of his own. This is the way large capitals influence us psychologically. So rich people cannot be envied in any way, they are in slavery to their capitals.

 So what does the nature want to tell us by all these manifestations of instability? Why does it cause anxiety about the future in us? Who and why makes our life so messed up? Can we de-code this signal and change the trend toward stability and prosperity? Today only one science can confidently answer - YES! The answer exists, wise men have secretly passed down this knowledge from generation to generation, it was predicted that it would be opened for everyone only and exactly in our time. Along with the answer, we have a chance to discover the true meaning of human life on Earth. Everything needed to achieve prosperity, happiness, though unexpected, but absolutely real, are also revealed to us. Only now this answer is made available to everyone, and the sooner you hear it, the sooner you will be able to go and change the direction the whole world is moving to from ever deeper and dangerous instability and suffering to harmony and the state of endless bounties.

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