A point in a heart


   What is this, how to understand this? During the last generation there were born more and more people who cannot be satisfied completely with an ordinary life. Whatever the goal they set, there is something sitting inside and forcing to search for something more, some understanding, some kind of answer to the question. This is mainly the question of meaning of life, the desire to understand what for is all of this. People around do not understand such person, they say we should earn money or make a career, it is necessary to get both, so there is material prosperity, family, sex, someone need wealth, others cannot imagine life without glory, honor and power, others want to understand everything about this world in order to rule themselves and the world by this understanding, it can be the desire for science and discovery, or knowledge about psychological characteristics of people and techniques for its development and management. In short, the desire of the majority covers the entire spectrum of terrestrial possibilities, almost all of it can be tried to touch, to feel in one form or another. However, a person "with a point in heart" does not see the interest in these aspirations for himself; he may suspect that perhaps he has already gone through all of these stages sometime in this or in previous lives.

   These thoughts appear not accidentally. Actually such a person has passed though many necessary stages of development and has come close to the most important even crucial stage of development, when he has the need and necessity to rise to a completely different level of understanding and sense of the world.

   We all have heard that there is something invisible to us, a kind of "hidden world", someone face it in the manifestations of an abnormal form, and someone have kind of insights, discoveries, and even a happy visions. In addition, there are many testimonies of people who survived apparent death and they talk about the extraordinary experience of being "beyond." We may have different attitudes to all this information Ц to believe or not believe it, to fear or interest, but we have to admit one thing Ц there is something and we do not know what it is bringing to us.

   Imagine that there is an aquarium with mirror walls, and fish living in it are absolutely convinced that there is nothing except their aquarium. But outside we can easily observe them and even try to manage them by food supply, rocking the aquarium or plants in it. Something similar happens in our world, only we are fish here. Have you ever wondered why do things happen that way and not another? We never know what will happen in the next moment, and a new day always prepares something unexpected. There is a statement that all the events taking place in our physical world happen with the help of control from another, invisible to our eyes space. We are being shown something by each event, being thought, changed. Those who successfully pass this "training" are immensely rewarded with heavenly filling coming "out of there". Ultimately everyone will pass this training as planned by the Superior Mind, and everyone will receive heavenly filling and the pleasure of the world that is unimaginably more powerful than all earthly pleasures.

   We could be happy to pass this "training", you may say, but why do so much unexplainable suffering comes? The answer is simple we cannot understand what exactly they want from us, it's not some kind of blind compliance with the rules and dogmas but a conscious movement in a certain direction, which is described in detail the Kabbalah science. And those who are beginning to consciously move in this direction no longer suffer about this world and do not develop with the help of whip; they develop with the help of carrot, sweet carrot.

   Imagine that in the aforementioned aquarium it is time for some fish to get into a huge aquarium, and perhaps even into the ocean. Then she starts to be given "signs" that she is the one for whom this cage is wanted to open. In our world it appears by the "point in heart" or in other words by the appearance of search point, longing for something hidden, the question of the life meaning, which doesnТt let a person to live in peace and enjoy the earthly pleasures like most people do. And at this point is very important that person comes to the answer to his question otherwise to suppress somehow his longing he may "go to the bad" Ц depression, or alcohol and drugs, or other distracting items which lead a person to the very side. So much so that he can end his life in vain and come back in another life into the material world in much worse conditions. And all this instead of in this life to succeed in his implementation and at the same time get the true, heavenly delight.