What is it so difficult being an adult?


   What feelings can memories from our childhood arouse? As a rule, feeling of peace, happiness, carelessness and protection come into mind. It seemed often that the whole world around us was full of joy and bright colors, and it was waiting for us with open arms, we only have to become grown and filled with this freedom and possibilities. However, transfer to adult life shows that all care which nature took of us in our childhood disappears suddenly. And then everyone needs something from us all the time Ц study, army, work, care of our relatives or our own children. The adult life is occupied with the problems, lack of pleasure and constant rush towards something elusory. It turns out that nature which raised us so tenderly in our childhood requires something from us in our adult life constantly and strongly, we get into a whirl of activities which accelerates more and more and makes more and more requirements to us. At a certain crucial point it seems that the quantity of all the efforts and troubles which we have to overcome is much more than all pleasure and joy of life. Sometimes this balance can be changed so strongly that a person can fall into depression, become ill, suffers.

   However, actually we were born not to suffer but to be glad despite whatТs going on around us. How can it be possible? Is it fair what happens with us in our life? Why have we to run away from suffers and reach after enjoyments despite of the fact that they go away from us constantly? What is the meaning of life and how to realize our possibilities to the maximum? Many systems of philosophy, religions, great thinkers tried to find the answers to these questions, all of them answered differently, and there was no answers which all of them would agree upon. However, actually there is an answer, it is the only one, and it is a true one. Our thinking is not able to find the solution and understanding, which, however, was received not from our world. It is unbelievable, but every lucky person who was lucky enough to find the truth can experience correctness and absoluteness of the answer about meaning of life. Nowadays everyone who has got Internet access and a little time can hear a course of lessons with the answers to this question and many others completely free. The name of the science which discovered this great secret is Kabbalah. The free study is available on site of the International Academy of Kabbalah. See details on page Answer.