Who governs the world?


    As we know, not so long time ago, scientists believed that the universe had always existed. Today almost all scientists already agree that the universe was formed about 14 billions years ago as a result of so-called "Big Bang", having arisen from a single point of explosion, then constantly expanding up to the present day. But if it is so, there are new questions that pop up: what was before the emergence of universe, was there really nothing at all? And why and for what purpose was the life formed that way, and not other, what sense can we make out of it? How the infinity of space can be understood or maybe space has borders somewhere, and then whats up there beyond these borders? These are the questions modern science, alas, cannot answer.

   In our daily life everything seems to be logical and understandable, but occasionally there are certain events and all kinds of coincidences we can hardly explain. The only thing we can say is that these events and coincidences look very strange, as if someone had staged them for fun, or did is as if for malicious purposes, it all lokks as if someone somehow chose for us the worst possible scenario of a particular event, one that we would like to live through the least. But how come it happened the way it happened and how to prevent such events - again we are not able to answer.

   Often we hear from researchers who studied clinical death, and the experience of the people survived it, that these survivors experienced strange sensations, went flying through some tunnel to strange worlds and similarly strange contacts with the inhabitants of these worlds. These people shared their stories about contacting their deceased relatives, and about watching their own entire life as a movie with ability to observe and re-assess it. The stories are generally so similar up to the smallest of details. Of course, you can turn a blind eye to all these evidences, and reassure yourself by saying that for sure I know that in fact, there is nothing out there and all such stories are fairytales. But this is a position of the ostrich, burying his head into the sand while failing to grasp the situation.

   No matter how many questions on different topics we ask, we dont get complete satisfactory answers. And there is no ONE answer to all the questions can be found. However the answer does exist, and it combines all of these seemingly mish-mash questions into a single comprehensive answer - one that does not leave a single doubt. The Answer to the question: Who is behind everything that happens, and how exactly He manages it, what He actually is, and how to live a life in order to accumulate the largest capital, many times more precious than any commonly accepted values. All of this is a subject of the science of Kabbalah, the science of wisdom and infinite happiness both in this world and in the future, the science that was kept in secret for centuries, and which is now open and taught absolutely free of charge.

   The classes for learning true Kabbalah from Israel can be taken both by distance learning through internet (for free), and by full-time lessons in big cities of USA, Europe, Israel and other countries. The details can be seen on page Answer.