What is the meaning and purpose of suffering? Why do people suffer?


   Sufferings of different types are the most unpleasant component of our life, nobody would like to argue about that. Most people do not think about true reasons of sufferings, and just try to run away from them as far as possible. But itТs not that just simple, running away is not rescue, but it slightly postpones that a person gets through in one or another way, when it occurs a situation when there is no way out. Those people who try to understand reasons of sufferings are in better position and those, who understand reasons and act reasonably are even in valued position. It really works.

    What is the meaning of suffering? First of all we will try to outline the reasons and then proceed with recommendations as to the right actions
The first fact that we should realize is that on our planet life was not created with a wave of magic wand. There is a plan of development for all creatures to a certain level of self-consciousness and inner qualities. It is a man who is responsible for the last stage of development, but in process of life necessary stages are passed through by all creatures in one or another way. The man is imposed a special task related to growth and modification. And now tell me who would like to develop in case he is given all things that he desires and protected against problems and sufferings of every kind? The same is about us, unless we understand what special and important we are expected from, we wonТt move in the right direction. In one or another way sufferings push the man for realization of their reasons and further actions. It is accurately operating system which is forethought to be executed in any case, and the man has a right to choose a way in which it will be achieved Ц using a stick (sufferings) or carrot (realization and enjoyment).

   If today you think about this issue, then we are on a half way to understanding of the fact that some people can just dream about for today. The future in hands of those who think about what is happening and is ready to exchange sufferings for enjoyment, not only for yours, but for enjoyment of all people around who need it.

    There is a method that allows to transform sufferings into enjoyment in such a wonderful way that suffering either vanishes or passes through easy and promptly. In these cases the man feels enjoyment and enthusiasm. Passing through these states more and more prompt development to a higher level is occurring. It is a real wonder that works and it is possible only in case of help from above. The method that allows to move in such states is called Kabbalah science. Today everyone can study it for free, broadcasts of online-lessons are held both though the Internet and face-to-face in big cities.